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Hammer Strength HD Elite Power Rack – NEWEST MODEL

This is the holy grail of all power racks. Hammer Strength HD Elite. This unit has 4 multi grip pullup bars, plate storage, band pegs, t bar row attachment, bar holders,and is literally bomb proof. This is the heaviest and most hardcore rack money can buy. This unit retails for double our asking price. Simply a beautiful rack that makes a big statement.


Hammer Strength Platinum Fully Loaded Power Rack

This is the holy grail of all power racks. Hammer Strength HD. This unit has 2 multi grip pullup bars, plate storage, band pegs, spotter stands and is literally bomb proof. This is the heaviest and most hardcore rack money can buy. This unit retails for nearly double our asking price. Simply a beautiful rack that makes a big statement.


Hammer Strength HD Elite Power Rack – NEWEST MODEL – Demo Floor Model

This is the holy grail of all power racks. Hammer Strength HD Elite. This unit has 4 multi grip pullup bars, t bar row attachment, plate storage, band pegs, OPTIONALdip attachment,and is literally bomb proof. This is the heaviest and most hardcore rack money can buy. This unit retails for double our asking price. Simply a beautiful rack that makes a big statement. Hammer Strength dip attachment


Hammer Strength HD Elite Power Rack – NEWEST MODEL

This is the holy grail of all power racks. Hammer Strength HD Elite. This unit has 4 multi grip pullup bars, plate storage, band pegs, OPTIONALdip attachment,and is literally bomb proof. This is the heaviest and most hardcore rack money can buy. Simply a beautiful rack that makes a big statement.

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Flex Fitness Preacher Curl

Flex Fitness utility preacher curl utility bench. The nice, natural angle will really blast the biceps and work on those nice bicep peaks. This preacher is built like a tank and doesn’t get much heavier duty. Use with barbell, dumbbells or cables.


Promaxima 0-90 Adjustable Bench w/Extra Wide Back Pad

This is aclassic and always popular bench. This bench has an extra wide back pad which is great for larger guys and wide backs. Built like a tank, comfortable and natural feeling, the Promaxima 0-90 has been a favorite of the fitness community for many years.


Promaxima 0-90 Adjustable Bench

Super dope classic and always popular bench. Built like a tank, comfortable and natural feeling, the Promaxima 0-90 has been a favorite of the fitness community for many years.


Loaded Commercial Power Rack Squat

Loaded full commercial grade power rack squat in stellar condition. Pullup bars, plate storage, band pegs, multiple j hook attachment & safeties. You can perform every exercise under the sun with this rack, in style.


Life Fitness Signature Series 45 Degree Adjustable Hyper Extension

Life Fitness Signature Series 45-degree hyper extension in very, very clean condition. This is the current and latest model by Life Fitness. This unit has a comfortable design and padding, large footplate, perfect angle and built like a tank! This is a very functional unit, in that you can train a number of muscle groups on one unit, in a very limited space. Train back, abs, obliques, hamstrings and glutes.


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Promaxima 3 Unit Olympic Bench Set Incline Decline Flat

Promaxima 3 Unit Olympic Bench Set Incline Decline Flat. Full heavy duty commercial grade bench set in excellent condition.


Flex Fitness Adjustable 45 Degree Hyper Extension

Flex Fitness 45 degree hyper extension. This is one of the most popular and well-liked hyper extensions on the market. Comfortable design and padding, large footplate, perfect angle and built like a tank. This is a very functional unit in that you can train a number of muscle groups on one unit, in a very limited space. Train back, abs, obliques, hamstrings and glutes.


Life Fitness Signature Series 3 Unit Olympic Bench Set

Life Fitness Signature Series Olympic 3 Unit Bench Press Set in excellent condition.

Set includes:

Life Fitness SignatureOlympic Flat Bench Press
Life Fitness SignatureOlympic Decline Bench

Life Fitness Signature Olympic Incline Bench Press (not shown)



Precor AB103 V-Crunch

The V-Crunch gives users a more comfortable way to perform leg lifts to strengthen the core. Using the body’s own weight as leverage, the V-Crunch allows the user to perform leg raises with resistance that's less than their body weight. Adjusting the crossbar to a higher position reduces the amount of body weight resistance the user experiences. Higher is easier. Lower is more difficult. The leg raise in my opinion is one of the two best and most important exercise for the abs.This machine will blast your core and give you a run for your money. If you’re up for a challenging ab workout and results are what you’re truly after, this machine will deliver.This unit is preowned but in stellar condition.


Hammer Strength Preacher Curl

Hammer Strength seated preacher curl. This unit is in super clean condition. This is a must do exercise for the biceps. This exercise will work the peak of the bicep. You can use a barbell or dumbbells with this unit.


Hammer Strength Power Rack Fully Loaded

This is the holy grail of all power racks. Hammer Strength HD. This unit has a multi grip pullup bar, plate storage, band pegs, spotter stands and is literally bomb proof. This is the heaviest and most hardcore rack money can buy. This unit retails for nearly double our asking price. Simply a beautiful rack that makes a big statement.


Legend Fully Loaded Power Rack

Legend fully loaded power rack. This rack is all you need to get in shape and build muscle. You can legit perform hundreds of exercises with it/on it. It’s fully loaded with band pegs, barbell holders and multi grip pullup bars.T bar row attachment is not included with the rack. This rack is in stellar condition and is built like a tank.


Life Fitness Platinum Adjustable Decline to Flat Bench – Abs Abdominals

Life Fitness platinum adjustable decline & flat abdominal bench on wheels. This is the current and latest model bench offered by Life Fitness. This bench is great for crunches, but also for pressing movements. Can be used free standing, in the Smith Machine or squat rack, with a barbell or dumbbells.



Life Fitness Signature Series Platinum 0-90 Degree Adjustable Benches

We have a Life Fitness Signature Series Platinum 0-90 degree adjustable bench. This is in excellent condition. This bench retails for $1,300.


Precor Icarian Olympic 4 Unit Bench Set – Incline – Decline – Flat – Military

Precor Icarian Olympic 4-unit bench set. These benches are built like tanks. They disassemble, making setup and transport a breeze. These are in excellent preowned condition. These benches combined retail for $5,800.

Set includes:

Olympic Flat Bench Press

Olympic Incline Bench Press

Olympic Decline Bench Press

Olympic Military Shoulder Press


Hammer Strength 0-90 Adjustable Bench

Hammer Strength 0-90 adjustable bench on wheels. This is the current and latest model by Hammer Strength. These are built like tanks and is in excellent condition. These benches retail for nearly 2x our asking price.


Elevate Your Strength with Benches & Racks for Fitness

Weight lifting benches and racks are exercise equipment staples for anyone wanting to pack on muscle. Most commercial and many home gyms include benches and squat racks. When used properly, lifters can safely and securely perform muscle exercises without a spotter, making this an ideal solution for personal home gyms. Their versatility allows the user to perform a variety of strengthening exercises such as deadlifts, bench presses, front and back squats, and shoulder presses.

Adjustable Gym Benches

Commercial quality weight lifting benches offer enhanced stability and security. Perfect for strength and conditioning exercises, adjustable gym benches offer greater versatility for your workout to maximize your results. Easily adjusted for user height and flat, incline, or decline presses, adjustable benches provide a wider variety of angles offering a wider range of strength exercises.

Squat Racks and Power Towers

Squat racks and towers offer stability for lifters when a spotter isn’t available. This equipment works well in commercial gym environments as well the home. Sturdy and versatile, these machines can perform more than barbell exercises. Depending on the style and model, you can add accessories such as a pull-up bar and pulley system than can create an all-in-one workout system.

Commercial Grade Racks and Weight Benches for Sale

To take your fitness to the next level safely and securely, Fitness Equipment Empire brings you a wide assortment of pre-owned, commercial use power and squat racks and weight benches for sale. For packing on muscle quickly, benches and squat racks can help you reach your strength conditioning goals.


Fitness Equipment Empire offers quality, affordable exercise life fitness equipment. Unlike large fitness equipment chain stores, we can offer competitive, low prices and unmatched customer service. As fitness enthusiasts ourselves, we enjoy bringing people great deals on commercial


Is it worth it to buy a squat rack? ›

Prior to the squat rack, lifters had to use a variety of less effective exercises with lower weights because the logistics just were not there. You should own a squat rack because it allows you to make heavy lifts from a comfortable position which allows you to make gains in strength and functionality.

Are squat racks good for bench press? ›

Squat racks aren't just for the WFH CrossFit crowd — at-home powerlifters can cash in on them, too. They're perfect for overhead pressing, bench pressing, back squats, front squats, rack pulls and deadlifts.

What is the best folding squat rack? ›

A quick look at the best folding squat racks
  • Best overall: PRx Performance Profile Squat Rack with Pullup Bar.
  • Best under $500: Titan Fitness T-3 Series Folding Power Rack.
  • Best freestanding: Force USA MyRack Folding Power Rack.
  • Best for small spaces: PRx Performance Profile Pro Squat Rack with Kipping Bar.
4 Aug 2021

Can I do squat rack everyday? ›

Anyone looking to improve their squat (and improve the muscles that the squat develops) will see big benefits to squatting every day. And if you're even a little more advanced, you'll likely be able to handle a routine that calls for squatting every day.

Can you get big legs without squat rack? ›

The leg press, like the hack squat, is a great machine variation to build bigger legs without squats. To maximize results with the leg press and minimize unnecessary stress on the knees and lower back, it is imperative to perform them in the fullest range of motion you can while maintaining a flat lower back.

What is a good bench for my age? ›

A standard barbell weighs 45 pounds, and you may begin by lifting only the bar.
Bench press average by age.
AgeTotal weight
20–29100 percent of your body weight
30–3990 percent of your body weight
40–4980 percent of your body weight
50–5975 percent of your body weight

Can you build muscle with just a bench? ›

It doesn't stimulate as much muscle overall muscle growth as the squat or deadlift, but it's famous for stimulating the muscles that best improve our upper-body strength and appearance. For most people, the bench press is the best lift for building a bigger chest.

Can you build muscle with just bench press? ›

Bench presses can be an effective exercise for building up chest, arm, and shoulder muscles. If you're new to the bench press, work with a spotter. They can watch your form and make sure you're lifting the correct weight for your fitness level.

What should you not do in a squat rack? ›

6 Illegal Exercises at the Squat Rack Station
  • Behind the Neck Presses. Murphy calls this movement “the rotator cuff killer.” He says that you would be stronger and healthier by doing standing presses with the bar in front of you, not behind. ...
  • Anything Seated. ...
  • Overhead Tricep Extension. ...
  • Upright Rows. ...
  • Kipping Pull-ups. ...
  • Curls.

Is it better to do squats on a Smith machine or squat rack? ›

The Smith machine is a more stable self-spotting equipment since the weight moves on a fixed track and direction. On the other hand, the squat rack allows free motion and more versatility in terms of exercises that can be performed.

Is it better to bench with a belt? ›

Benching With a Belt Supports Your Bench Press Arch

But in order to make sure your lower back stays healthy, you can bench with a belt on because it can help stabilize the lower back and lower the risk of injury. Also, the belt can allow you to get into a comfortable arched position as it supports your lower back.

How many squats should you do with a squat rack? ›

If you are looking for muscle size then typically you would adopt a lighter weight but complete more reps, working in the eight to 12 range. However, if you want to increase strength you should be choosing a weight that you can only squat for five or six reps.

What is a good height for a squat rack? ›

Setting up your rack

The bar should be racked slightly lower than shoulder height. This means that when you come to unrack the bar, you don't need to dangerously go up onto tip toes. The bar should be placed centrally on the rack. The spotter bars should be set at around 1-inch lower than your fail height.

How tall of a squat rack should I buy? ›

The average height of a short power rack built for a low ceiling application is 72”. You'll want at least 6” above the rack for fit, and if you plan to use the pull-up bar at the top of the rack, you'll want 12”-18” to allow for headroom.

What happens if I do 10 squats everyday? ›

The lesser-known benefit of squats

You can train your core with squats. You can even lose lower belly fat while training your legs with this dynamic exercise. Squats can help you lose weight, burn abdominal fat, and train your core. They are the perfect bodyweight exercise that can actually work all your major muscles.

Do squats help your knees? ›

Squats have been found to be beneficial for strengthening the knee, which supports prevention of and recovery from common knee injuries. 1 They've also been reported to improve cardiovascular health because they can reduce fat and create leaner muscle mass.

What happens if you do squats everyday for a year? ›

You get stronger for daily activities

“If you work to perform squats on a regular basis, using form that is on-point, you're sure to avoid injuries, and build a strong foundation for functional movement."

Can you build legs with squats only? ›

If you're training for powerlifting or strength-based sports, squats and deadlifts are enough to strengthen your legs. If you're training for bodybuilding, general aesthetics, sports that require explosive lower body strength, or you have muscle imbalances, you'll need to also do some isolation and/or unilateral work.

Can you build legs without lifting heavy? ›

You don't need weights or machines to build leg muscles (although those are definitely options). Bodyweight moves, with the right progressive overload strategy and diet, can help you build strong, lean legs, too.

How much should a 50 year old bench? ›

Ages 50-59

A person in their 50s who has been training for a couple of years should be able to bench press 75 percent of their body weight. That means that a 200-pound person should be able to bench press 150 pounds.

How much should a 60 year old woman be able to bench press? ›

Older Lifters

If you weigh 165 pounds, for example, and are an intermediate lifter with around two years of experience, you can expect to hit the bench standard of 100 pounds if you are older than 40, 90 pounds if you are older than 50, and 65 pounds if you are in your 60s.

How much should you bench by age and weight? ›

The bench press average for a male 19-year-old is 1.4 times body weight. The bench press average for a female 19-year-old is 0.9 times body weight. Depending on the weight class, bench presses will range from 81kg (178lbs) to 156kg (343lbs) for men and 43kg (95lbs) to 72kg (158lbs) for women.

How many sets and reps should I do to build muscle? ›

In order to get bigger and stronger, you must ensure your muscles work harder than they are used to. Generally, between 6-12 reps for 3-6 sets will help to build overall muscle size.

What happens if you do bench press everyday? ›

Bench pressing every day could lead to more issues than solutions if we have nagging upper-body injuries, or are just more prone to injury. The added stress from bench pressing every day, could be too much volume and/or frequency for the muscles, joints, and tissues of the upper body.

How many times can you squat a week? ›

Most lifters squat 2-3 times per week. By doing this, you'll have more opportunities to improve your squat technique, as well as plan different training adaptations for each workout (strength, hypertrophy, power). If you squat more than three times per week, you need to be an advanced powerlifter or weightlifter.

What body parts to work on what days? ›

Working out different body parts on different days gives your muscles more rest between workouts and helps you prevent overtraining.
Example for advanced lifters
  • Day 1: chest, shoulders, triceps, forearms.
  • Day 2: calves, hamstrings, quadriceps, glutes.
  • Day 3: biceps, back, abdominals, traps, lats.

How many sets of bench should I do to build muscle? ›

The National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) will break this down, suggesting the following set ranges:
  1. 2-3 will help build muscular endurance (12 to 20+ reps)
  2. 3-6 build muscular hypertrophy (6 to 12 reps)
  3. 3-5 build muscular power (3 to 5 reps)
  4. 2-6 build muscular strength (less than 6 reps)
23 Nov 2022

How many reps of bench press should I do to build muscle? ›

If your goal is to build new muscle size, called hypertrophy training, the ideal rep range is 8–12 reps. The same rep range holds true for the bench press.

What are 5 mistakes when performing a squat? ›

Common mistakes to avoid while doing squats
  • Never skip the warm up.
  • Initiate the movement from the hip, not the knee.
  • Knees should not cross the toe.
  • Always do a complete squat, never a partial one.
  • Avoid butt wink.
  • Don't obsess over your toes.
  • The 'always exhale on exertion' rule doesn't apply here.
15 Sept 2020

Should you stop at the bottom of a squat? ›

Stopping the squat at the bottom significantly reduces the amount of stress placed on the lower back, but causes the legs to have to work much harder to push back to the starting position. This is because a pause gives the legs greater time under tension, and increases muscular recruitment.

Is squatting better than leg press? ›

If you're looking for an allover body workout, then squats have the advantage over leg presses. But if balance is a problem, or you have shoulder or back pain, then leg presses may be a better choice.

What should I look for when buying a squat rack? ›

The best power rack will offer safety features and options including:
  • Ability to anchor the rack to the floor.
  • Strong welds and high-quality materials.
  • Thick gauge steel construction.
  • Strong and secure safeties.
  • Safety spotter arm attachments.
  • Safety sling attachments.

Whats better for your body Smith machine or straight bar? ›


Both exercises should be incorporated into leg training. Although the Smith machine squat has been shown to allow heavier training and the forward adjustment of foot positioning, the fixed nature of the Smith machine doesn't call numerous stabilizer muscles into play.

Does wearing a belt make you stronger? ›

Research shows that wearing a belt can help you generate more force and bar speed on the squat and deadlift, which translates into higher one-rep-maxes and more reps with any given weight.

Does wearing a belt help lift more? ›

Research has concluded that a belt ensures ideal biomechanics while squatting and deadlifting. A weightlifting belt will force you to lift more with your legs instead of your back. As your legs can adapt to heavy stimulus faster than any other muscle group, this is ideal.

Is it better to lift without a belt? ›

Lifting belts brace your core very tightly, allowing you to keep a neutral spine during the lift without struggling as much. Lifting without a belt puts your spine and lower back under a lot of stress, and if you're not keeping the correct form this can result in injury.

How many squats do you need to do a day to make a difference? ›

When it comes to how many squats you should do in a day, there's no magic number — it really depends on your individual goals. If you're new to doing squats, aim for 3 sets of 12-15 reps of at least one type of squat. Practicing a few days a week is a great place to start.

How many sets of squats should I do on leg day? ›

These 2 exercises are the staple of any good leg day, and we highly recommend starting with squats. This is because they engage so many other muscles and really force you to engage your core. 5 sets of 10 to 12 reps is a good amount.

How many sets of squats should I do to see results? ›

First, Jim White, an ACSM exercise physiologist and personal trainer, notes that there is no official magic number of squats that will automatically show results. But most trainers agree on a similar ideal starting point: squatting two to three times a week for roughly three to five sets of eight to 12 squat reps.

How deep of a squat rack do I need? ›

On average, you'll only need a few feet in depth when the stand is not in use and then enough room in front of it for a bench when you are using it. As far as height goes, I'd still want at least 8', but that's so you can functionally squat. The rack itself will vary from 6'-8' tall depending on the model.

Should I bolt my squat rack to the floor? ›

A squat rack should always be secured in place before use. Not doing so could result in unwanted rack movement or tipping. Bolting the rack to a lifting platform or the floor is the most secure option. If it can't be bolted down, ensure the rack is heavily weighted and has a wide base for stability.

Do you really need a squat rack? ›

The only people who are required to lift heavy enough loads to warrant a squat rack are elite strength and power athletes, and we won't find many of them in EVO.At EVO, we suggest mastering the deep squat (body weight only). Then add load - but only if it increases your function in daily life.

What rack depth is best? ›

Server racks can range from 0 to 50-inches in depth, but are commonly seen at 24 and 48-inch depths. A 24-inch rack would be perfect for housing network equipment, AV equipment, patch panels, etc. A 29-inch depth, which is standard for open-frames, is compatible with many servers from Dell, HP, IBM, and Cisco.

Do I need a squat rack at home? ›

Conclusion. Once you've realized how beneficial and effective squatting and all the other exercises you can perform with a squat rack, it makes total sense to have one in your home. This piece of equipment will allow you to experiment with weight training safely.

How much should a squat rack cost? ›

The average price of a squat rack is $650. But you can buy a good quality squat stand for $300 or a high-end power rack for $600. Some cheap squat stands cost around $100, but these are not ideal if you plan on lifting over 300 lbs of weight. Yet some of the most expensive power racks cost over $7,000.

Is buying a power rack worth it? ›

Power racks are just one form of exercise equipment and no home gym “needs” one. If you want the ability to perform power and strength training exercises from your home, then a power rack is a smart choice though. Without a doubt, they provide the safest and easiest way to perform squats and other power lifting moves.

Is a weight rack worth it? ›

Do I really need a power rack? The short answer is yes, you do. If you want to uplift your home gym capabilities to enable you to lift heavy free weights without needing a spotting partner, then you must add a power rack to it. The power racks are versatile, they can be used to perform more than a dozen exercises.

Do I need a mat under my squat rack? ›

Although a tough concrete floor is often the subfloor beneath a squat rack, stand, or cage, a squat rack mat is a great addition to the lifting area. Not only does it add stability and safety for the lifter, but it also provides protection and sound absorption from heavy weights that could drop or fall from overhead.

What is the best power rack on the market? ›

We chose the HulkFit Wall Mounted Power Rack as the best overall because it does triple-duty as a pullup machine, weight rack, and squat rack. The rack comes with two J-hooks and two weight plates that you can use to create a weight rack, squat rack, or bench press (though you'll need to bring the bench).

What is the best depth for a power rack? ›

What is this? A smaller power rack (with no extension or attachments) will typically measure 42” wide by 24″ deep and 80” high. Adding in the width of a standard 84” bar along with room to move around the rack, that means you'll need a space that's 12' wide by 7' deep and 7' high.

What gauge steel is best for a power rack? ›

The sweet spot for home use will be 11 gauge steel. Most of your higher quality rack manufacturers use 11 gauge, which is ⅛” thick. This is more than durable enough for 99.9% of home applications. A 3” x 3” 11 gauge rack will last you a lifetime.

Is a power rack better than squat rack? ›

Power Rack vs Squat Rack: Choosing between a power rack and a squat rack depends entirely on your needs and budget. If you want to lift heavy with the best possible equipment - then the power rack is the option for you. However, if you want cheaper equipment for your home gym, then the squat rack is the better choice.

How can I make my squat rack more stable? ›

You can do this with a loaded barbell on j hooks that you aren't using. You can also buy weight storage pegs for the outside of many racks. Install those pegs, place some heavier weight plates on them, and the weight should help to keep the rack in place. The more weight, the more secure the rack will be.


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