Best Thai Restaurants Near Me - Updated December 2022 (2023)

If you’re searching for the best Thai food near me or looking for the best restaurants so that you can taste some awesome Thai good then check out this list. Thai cuisine is to die for. Aside from the Thai food being cheap, it is also known for being heavy on flavour. Thai probably don’t know the word bland. If you are looking to explore different Asian cuisines, Thai food is a good start.

You don’t have to go through so much while looking for good food in Thai restaurants. Most of them are easily accessible in every restaurants. Save this list as a reference for the top 10 That food to try in Thai restaurants in U.S.A.

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10 Best Thai Food You Should Try in That Restaurants

10. Mango Sticky Rice

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In a tropical country like Thailand, sweet mangoes abound. This snack and dessert in one is a treat you will find in most Thai cafes and even in Thai restaurants. Cooked glutinous rice is topped with mango and drizzled with some sweetened coconut milk.

It’s that simple, but the taste is really good. You can have this while walking under the heat in markets. The juiciness and the freshness of the mango somehow help with the heat. It’s a surprising combination even for tourists from neighboring Asian countries. Combining mango with coconut milk or with rice is something you can only experience in Thai restaurants.

9. Thai Milk Tea

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This drink is a popular cooler in Thai restaurants. Mil Tea is pretty much everywhere. You can even get one while waiting for a bus out in the street. There are rolling carts that sell them in easy-carry cups so you can bring them on your commute to your next travel destination.

Milk tea is made by brewing black tea leaves and adding fresh tamarind star anise, evaporated milk or condensed milk, almond extract, and sugar. While milk tea has become a popular drink in many Asian countries in the past years, Thai milk tea has a distinct flavour that sets it apart from other Asian milk teas.

8. Green Chicken Curry

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Thai food being heavy on flavor is 100% correct. Their curry is a bowl of exploding spices. Try out their green chicken curry made with coconut milk simmered with green curry paste, basil, coriander, bamboo shoots, and eggplants. Let your rice soak in the curry before digging in to make sure you get the full experience of curry heaven. This Thai food is common among Thai households and is sold in many American Thai restaurants and around the country.

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7. Tom Yum Goong

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Tom Yum Goong is a famous bowl of fresh prawns and rich flavors. Cooked with Thai staple ingredients like lemongrass, shallots, fish sauce, and fresh lime. This dish is a Thai favorite. This dish’s bold aroma prepares you for what’s to come when you take a sip of a spicy and sour treat.

The broth is boiled using shrimp heads to extract the flavor. The creamy version, Tom Kha, is cooked with coconut milk that adds to the soup’s richness. You can have this with rice to balance the sour and spicy taste and a more filling experience.

This Thai food is not only popular in Thailand but also in American Thai restaurants. However, nothing beats the experience of eating food right from where it originated.

6. Coconut Ice Cream

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Nowadays, when traveling, A huge amount of time is spent carefully curating a feed to show your recent travels and culinary finds. Thai restaurants does not disappoint in this department. Its foods deserve a spot on your food Instagram. One of the contenders for a spot on your feed is coconut ice cream.

Found in the streets of Thailand, this dessert is a relief from the heat of crowded streets. You get to enjoy scoops of coconut ice cream on an actual coconut shell with real freshly shaved coconut flesh. It is usually topped with peanuts, corn, coconut jellies, and sweet beans. Other variations have colorful toppings to choose from.

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5. Pad Ka Prao

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If you ask a waiter what food you should try while in Thai restaurants, they will probably point you to a Pad Ka Prao. This dish is a household staple with either minced pork or chopped chicken cooked with oyster sauce and sugar. The special ingredient of Pad Ka Prao is the Thai basil which gives it the distinct aroma and flavor that matches the texture of the meat.

It is usually served with a cup of rice, a few slices of vegetables like cucumber, and fried sunny-side-up egg. The meat is fried first, and then the oil is drained before tossing in the greens and some broth for flavor. One of the fun things to do while waiting for you to be served is watching it being cooked.

4. Papaya Salad

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Papaya Salad is a dish made with shredded unripe papaya. It comes with a dressing made of fresh lime, fish sauce, and chili. It’s a common Thai dish that can be mixed with fish or prawns. If you order this dish from a food store on the side of the street, you can watch the vendor pound the salad’s ingredients like chilies and greens in a small mortar right in front of you before adding the rest.

The smell of the fermented fish sauce might not be for you but give it a try for the depth of complex flavors in the crunch of the papaya. This is a dish for those who want to do away from meat’s grease and just want a fresh taste for a meal. Vegetable dishes are pretty common in Thailand, being a Buddhist country and all, so you will not have a hard time when you just want to munch on some green and healthy goodness on your travel here.

3. Braised Beef in Fire Pot

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This dish is sensational Thai food. So much time and effort go into preparing this. They boil beef meat and innards with cilantro and other spices for hours to extract the flavor and achieve the desired tenderness of the meat. You usually see a big cauldron of juicy braised beef in a restaurant and another one for beef organs like lungs, tendons, intestines, liver, and tripe.

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A scoop of meat and innards are put in a big metal bowl mixed with vegetables like morning glory, also known as water spinach. They add the soup before garnishing it with fried garlic, but it does not end there. They put the metal bowl over a metal pan-like container of flaming charcoal, so your food stays warm while you eat. Of course, like in any other dish in Thailand, it is served with rice. Make sure you don’t skip the sauce when eating this umami-filled soup dish because it gives extra spice.

2. Kanom Krok

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If you’re on a hunt for the best Thai street food but don’t particularly have anything in mind, search for a Thai restaurant near me in your city. Now, if you want a sweet treat, order Kanom Krok, also known as coconut griddlecake. These little balls made of rice flour and coconut milk are soft and chewy. The batter is cooked on a griddle pan and added with a filling that can be taro or corn.

It has a crunchy outside and a moist and gooey, almost uncooked inside. You get this affordable delicacy in a small tray plate that you can bring up as you explore other street food options. Kanom Krok is a nice treat, but other street foods targeted to foreigners are extreme, including fried scorpions and roaches. They are usually found in touristy areas like the Chatuchak weekend market and Khaosan Road. If you’re feeling brave, try at least one of them. It’s an experience of a lifetime.

1. Pad Thai

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Last on this list is the ultimate Thai street food, Pad Thai. It cannot be stressed enough how street food is ubiquitous in Thailand. When you walk in your city, you see banners and signs of Pad Thai in restaurants. Some more popular Thai restaurants have big pans where they cook several servings of Pad Thai in one go.

They put the noodles, the bean sprouts, crack an egg and then toss all the spices in every pile. This dish has many ingredients like peanuts, tofu, and prawns. Every bite gives you a taste of the different flavors coming together in balanced culinary goodness.

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No wonder Pad Thai is a staple Thai food. It has all the flavor and nutrients you need in a meal. It has a nice flavor that does not require an acquired taste. This popular Thai food is affordable, and it’s available in almost every Thai restaurant in the U.S.A.

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