Best Trading Platforms in Europe for 2022 (Reviewed) (2022)

Interactive Brokers | Best overall trading platform in Europe

Founded in 1978, Interactive Brokers is a global online broker that provides advanced web and mobile trading platforms, and offers a vast array of financial products (stocks, options, mutual funds, ETFs, futures, bonds, and currencies) from over 150 markets.

eToro | Best for social trading

Established in 2007, eToro is one of the leading online brokers known for its social trading platform, with over 25 million users. It gives access to different products such as CFDs, ETFs, stocks, commodities, Forex, and cryptocurrencies.

DEGIRO | Best for zero-commission ETF trading

Degiro is one of the leading online brokers in Europe (available in 18 European countries), with over 2 million users. It has a low-cost structure and offers commission-free stock and ETF trading.

XTB | Best for forex and CFD trading

Established in 2022, XTB is a well-known online broker with a presence in over 13 countries. It has two trading platforms (xStation 5 and xStation Mobile), a diverse range of tradeable instruments, exceptional customer service, and a lot of free educational materials.

Freedom24 | Best for new stocks at the IPO price

Freedom24 is one of the leading online brokers that lets you invest in stocks at IPO prices, in addition to ETFs, stocks, bonds, futures, and options. It was founded in 2008 and currently has over 400,000 clients.

In the following reviews, we discuss the features of each trading platform, where each broker differs in terms of pricing, accessible markets and instruments, and other special features.

#1 Interactive Brokers (IBKR GlobalTrader)

Best Trading Platforms in Europe for 2022 (Reviewed) (1)

Visit Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers at a glance

Products availableStocks, ETFs, Options, Futures, Forex, Commodities, Bonds and Funds

Minimum Deposit€/$0


Fees$0.0035 per US stock (min. $0.35 per order)

The Trader Workstation (TWS) of Interactive Brokers leads the list of the top trading platforms in Europe. It caters both to beginners and professional investors looking for educational materials and an easy to use platform and advanced technical and fundamental trading tools and for in-depth research.Investors in Europe can use Interactive Brokers’ web-based Client Portal trading platform, as well as the GlobalTrader Mobile app and the professional Trader Workstation platform.

The TWS platform is easy to use and includes many standard features such as watchlists, alerts, and real-time monitoring, in addition to advanced tools, such as the volatility lab, which is a brief overview of a stock’s past and future volatility parameters, as well as its industry peers and the broader market. In addition, it has advanced technical analysis tools with over 120 indicators and many other highly customizable features.

Best Trading Platforms in Europe – IBKR Trader Workstation (TWS)

IBKR is a great option for retail investors interested in trading international stocks, ETFs, bonds, futures, options, and even penny stocks. It is ideal for beginners or professionals looking for a large number of instruments and a secure broker. Nearly all Europeans can open an account at IBKR.

On the downside, if you are new to investing, you might find the platform a bit complicated with too many buttons and features. You can read our IBKR review for more information.

#2 eToro

Best Trading Platforms in Europe for 2022 (Reviewed) (3)

Visit eToro

79% of retail CFD accounts lose money.

eToro at a glance

Products availableETFs, Stocks and CFDs on Commodities, Forex, and Cryptocurrencies

Minimum Deposit$10 in the UK (it varies between countries)

RegulatorsFCA, CySEC, ASIC

Fees$0 for stocks and ETFs

Another exceptional trading platform in Europe is eToro, an international online broker with over 25 million users who trade stocks, forex, commodities, cryptocurrencies, CFDs, and ETFs. It is known for its social trading feature where you can copy the trades of other experienced traders. There are thousands of verified traders on eToro, and you can pick the best trader based on past Return on Investment (ROI), risk profile, or other factors.

The eToro platform gives users access to over 3,000 different financial instruments, including stocks and ETFs. Additionally, users can invest in ready-made investment portfolios (Smart Portfolios), a group of several assets or traders combined together based on a theme or strategy.

The web platform has an easy-to-use and intuitive interface that is beginner-friendly while offering advanced features for experienced traders. Among those features is one-click trading, which lets traders open a new position while using pre-determined parameters with just a click.

Additionally, it offers a stop loss feature that lets you keep a position open as long as the market price moves in the right direction. Another feature is the eToro Research Tab, powered by TipRanks, which helps you enhance your knowledge to make better-informed investment decisions.

Best Trading Platforms in Europe – eToro Dashboard Overview

Although the platform is attractive for beginners, it is not the ideal platform for day traders or experienced investors as spreads are high for some products. Additionally, withdrawing money is somewhat expensive compared to other brokers ($5 per withdrawal request). For a full assessment, read our comprehensive eToro review.


Best Trading Platforms in Europe for 2022 (Reviewed) (5)


Investing involves risk of loss.

DEGIRO at a glance

Products availableStocks, ETFs, mutual funds, bonds, warrants, futures, options

Minimum Deposit€/£0


Fees€/£0 for certain ETFs

DEGIRO joins the list as the best trading platform in Europe for zero-commission ETF trading. It is a perfect pick if you want to minimize your trading costs as it does not charge any fees for maintenance, inactivity, deposits, or withdrawals while offering commission-free trading on US stocks (plus external fees) and several popular ETFs. Furthermore, the platform gives access to over 30 exchanges around the world.

DEGIRO was founded in 2008 and provides services to over 2 million European clients. In addition to stocks and ETFs, DEGIRO’s products include mutual funds, bonds, futures, and options, warrants, with the ability to trade on pre-market and after-hours trading.

DEGIRO’s web trading platform has a modern design and is extremely intuitive, and the company is continuously updating it and adding new features based on clients’ feedback. For instance, you can create a favorites list and check the latest news related to your portfolio.

Best Trading Platforms in Europe – DEGIRO Desktop Trading Platform

On the downside DEGIRO does not offer forex trading and they charge €/£2.50 annually, per exchange as a connectivity fee. For further details you can read our DEGIRO review here.

#4 XTB

Best Trading Platforms in Europe for 2022 (Reviewed) (7)

Visit XTB

79% of retail CFD account lose money.

XTB at a glance

Products availableStocks, ETFs, CFDs on Indices, Commodities, Forex, and Cryptocurrencies

Minimum Deposit€0

RegulatorsCySEC, FCA, KNF, CNVM, and IFSC

FeesFree Stocks and ETFs trading in applicable countries

XTB is an online broker listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, and is the best trading platform in Europe for forex and CFD trading. It also offers trading for stocks, ETFs, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. Overall, it has a low fee structure that varies based on the account type, and recently, it offered commission-free stock and ETF trading to eligible European nationalities.

xStation5 is a desktop-based trading platform that offers a powerful trading experience for beginners and experienced traders as well. It has several features that facilitate the trading experience, such as a one-click trading feature, advanced charting tools, a high level of customization, and convenient functions for monitoring and grouping open positions.

XTB stands out among its peers regarding educational materials and client support. It has a very comprehensive online library with lots of videos that help you enhance your trading skills and knowledge. Furthermore, XTB provides excellent customer service via live chat, phone support, and email.

Best Trading Platforms in Europe – XTB xStation5 Trading Plaform

On the negative side, XTB has a limited product portfolio as it covers mostly CFDs and FX and it charges a €10 monthly inactivity fee (after 1+ year with no activity plus no deposit in the last 90 days), which is a major drawback for investors looking for long-term investments. You can check our XTB review for more insights.

#5 Freedom24

Best Trading Platforms in Europe for 2022 (Reviewed) (9)

Visit Freedom24

Capital is at risk.

Freedom24 at a glance

Products availableStocks, ETFs, Bonds, Futures and Options, new shares at initial (IPO) price

Minimum Deposit€0 (€2,000 for IPOs)

RegulatorsCySEC, BaFin, SEC

FeesFrom €0.008 per share

Freedom Finance is the parent company of Freedom24, Europe’s best trading platform for new stocks at IPO. The online broker is well-known for allowing retail investors to purchase stocks at their IPO prices, which was previously only available to institutional investors.

Freedom24 was established in 2008, has 400,000+ worldwide clients, and has already given access to over 250 stocks at IPO price. The Freedom24 trading platform has an extensive range of financial instruments. You can also invest in stocks, ETFs, bonds, futures, and options, and it gives you access to several international markets such as NASDAQ, NYSE, CME, HKEX, LSE, and Deutsche Börse.

The company offers a web-based trading platform and a mobile app. Both platforms are easy to use, well designed, and intuitive, even for first-time users. What we liked about the trading platform is the “InvestIdeas” tab, which allows you to look at research conducted by Freedom Finance analysts, talking about particular stocks and giving ideas about attractive investment opportunities. The platform also offers a “D account,” high-yield savings account that lets you earn 3% per annum in USD.

Freedom24 offers four service plans with different costs: Smart, Fix, or Super in EUR and an all-inclusive plan in USD. Freedom24 has a free promo plan for new users where you can trade for free for the first 30 days.

Best Trading Platforms in Europe – Freedom24 Demo Account

Although you can purchase new stocks at IPO prices, the minimum required amount to be eligible for IPO subscriptions is high ($2,000). Read our Freedom24 review here.

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