Phantom Felines - Chapter 8 - mewrose (2022)

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Cat Sage : Hey Nyanji, have you been checking up on all my little friends around town?

Nyanji : You know it, senpai! It’s not like I can get out and see them every day, but when I have time I get out and try to feed them.

Nekomata : Are we talking about cats?

Cat Sage : Of course. I have to make sure all the stray cats in Inaba are well-cared for.

Nyanji : And since he ain’t here, me and his little cousin are keeping an eye out for him. Sometimes some of our other friends help.

Sabertooth : Yeah, that’s a very you thing to do.

Tabby : Pics or it didn’t happen.

Cat Sage : I will never say no to more cat pics.

Nyanji : Alright, alright. I’ll be going around this afternoon, I’ll get some pics while I’m out.

Cat Sage : Ah, my darling little treasures. My heart aches every moment we are apart, but perhaps the sight of your sweet little faces will soothe my weary soul.

Nyanji : Dude, you sound like Teddie when he’s trying to flirt, cut it out.

Cat Sage : You just don’t have a proper appreciation for my true devotion to cats.

Nyanji : Alright, cat pics incoming!

Acrocat : Oh, I can’t wait!

Tabby : ( Φ ω Φ )

Nynaji : ...right.

Nyanji : Nanacats.jpg

Nyanji : So I started off around senpai’s house, and got his cousin to help. The cats are so used to her feeding them that as soon as she came out with bowls of food, they swarmed out of nowhere.

Nekomata : Whoah, it’s like one of those cat islands, where as soon as you get off the boat there’s cats crowding around begging for treats!

Cat Sage : I see Bancho’s first in line, as always. Looks like Ringo’s getting big, I wonder if she’ll have kittens again soon.

Kitten : You know all their names?

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Cat Sage : Of course, I gave them all their names.

Cat Sage : Nanako helped sometimes.

Sabertooth : Damn, that’s a lot of cats.

Nyanji : That ain’t even all of them.

Nyanji : Nanacats2.jpg

Nyanji : Nanacats3.jpg

Wildcat : Considering the large amount of cats and how heated strays can get over food, I’m surprised there aren’t any fights breaking out.

Cat Sage : Nanako is a perfect angel and nobody would dare hurt or upset her.

Nyanji : And I’m pretty sure not all of them are strays anyway, some of them probably live with families around there.

Nyanji : They let her pet their bellies and everything.

Nyanji : Nanacatbelly.jpg

Nekomata : Awwww!

Tabby : Ultimate attack: dual-wielding belly rubs!

Tabby : It’s super effective!

Cat Burglar : Did you get to pet some, too?

Nyanji : Hell yeah, I did! It’s just hard to take a picture of myself when my hands are full of cats.

Cat Burglar : Fair

Nyanji : I tried though.

Nyanji : catswat.jpg

Nyanji : This guy kept trying to attack my phone so I had to put it away.

Cat Sage : Yeah, little Kintaro does seem oddly camera shy. That or he likes batting at shiny things, I haven’t figured out which yet.

Nyanji : catnap.jpg

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Acrocat : Aw, they look so sweet curled up in the sun!

Cat Sage : And you notice several of them are in the garden. Having cats around all the times means Nanako’s vegetables are rarely bothered by birds or rodents.

Kitten : Oh, perhaps I should consider keeping a cat to help with my vegetable garden at home.

Cat Sage : I support any excuse to get a cat.

Nyanji : So anyway, When they all started wandering off or settling around the yard for naps, I moved on.

Nyanji : rivercats.jpg

Nyanji : So there’s this river running through town, and people like to fish there. Sometimes they give the fish to the cats, so all I had to do was bring an old fishing rod to the river and cats showed up outta nowhere.

Cat Sage : Oh, there’s Mao! She was so thin and hungry when I first started feeding her. I caught her so many fish.

Nyanji : Is she the big brown tabby? Because she started begging at anyone who’s fishing, and that got the other cats to do it.

Cat Sage : Hey, she had to feed her kittens somehow after I left.

Acrocat : Why don’t the cats just fish for themselves?

Cat Sage : It’s a rather big river for such little cats.

Nyanji : Yeah, see here.

Nyanji : catpier.jpg

Nyanji : It’s not exactly a fast river, so they probably wouldn’t have to worry about getting swept away if they fell in. But it’s big enough that it’s hard for a cat to reach the fish.

Acrocat : Oh, I see! It didn’t occur to me that that could make it challenging for them.

Van Gogh : The scenario does set an intriguing scene, however.

Van Gogh : A lone fisherman, his form a dark silhouette amongst the early morning mist, poised at the terminus of the pier with several felines gazing expectantly up at him.

Van Gogh : The serenity of their figures evokes tranquility, patience and hope all at once.

Van Gogh : I thank you for this inspiration. I must sketch this at once!

Nyanji : Uh, glad I could help?

Cat Sage : Got any more pictures of the river cats? You know, as references for him.

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Nyanji : Oh, sure.

Nyanji : rivercats2.jpg

Nyanji : catlap.jpg

Kitten : Oh, you got one to sit in your lap!

Nyanji : Yeah, that one’s real friendly. When I sat down to try to pet all the cats, she climbed right on me and curled up. Made it easy to get a picture of her.

Cat Sage : That’s Miu, one of Mao’s kittens. She’s gotten so big!

Nekomata : What a sweetie!

Sabertooth : There’s less cats here than at the house, though.

Nyanji : Yeah, more of them hang out near the houses and shops, where people feed them more often.

Nyanji : Here, I got some pics of when I moved on to the shopping center.

Nyanji : alleycats.jpg

Nyanji : streetcat.jpg

Nyanji : croquettecat.jpg

Cat Sage : Wait, is that someone feeding cats croquettes? That’s a terrible idea, they have onions in them, which are toxic for cats. Not to mention the grease and salt is not good for them.

Cat Sage : Unseasoned steak skewers would be a better idea, and maybe tear them into smaller bites.

Nyanji : Alright, I’ll keep that in mind.

Sabertooth : Wait, doesn’t Mona eat curry with onions all the time?

Cat Burglar : Not all the time. He’s a special cat, though, and onions never bother him.

Cat Sage : Hey, while we’re sharing cat pics, we should get some of Morgana.

Cat Burglar : Yeah, one sec.

Cat Burglar : cathead.jpg

Kitten : I’m kind of impressed that Mona-chan managed to stand on top of your head like that.

(Video) The Cat That Played With Fire | SPINE-CHILLING STORIES

Cat Burglar : He wanted to be tall. Also, we both have good balance.

Nyanji : Oh, I got this other pic, too.

Nyanji : shrinebush.jpg

Wildcat : Is that a cat? All I see is a flash of orange fur in the greenery.

Nyanji : Yeah, I’m not really sure if it’s a cat or one of the foxes at the shrine.

Cat Burglar : Seems like the right color for one of the foxes. Probably one of the younger ones, the old one was getting a bit gray.

Nyanji : Wait, you saw them?

Cat Burglar : Yeah, all four of them. They looked well.

Nyanji : Damn, dude! You some kind of fox whisperer like senpai?

Cat Burglar : It’s my magnetic charm.

Cat Sage : Clearly these foxes have good taste. Only the very best people get to see them all together.

Cat Burglar : Morgana would like to point out that he got to see them too, since he was with me.

Cat Sage : I repeat that the foxes have good taste and only the best people get to see them.

Cat Burglar : All these cat pics are kind of making me miss the cats in my neighborhood back in Tokyo.

Tabby : Oh yeah, there’s a bunch around here. I could try getting some pics sometime.

Nekomata : Need any help? I could stop by after school sometime.

Tabby : Oh, you probably know a lot about photos, huh?

Nekomata : Well, I’m nothing like a professional photographer, but I don’t think we have to be just to photograph some street cats. I could show you a couple pointers, though.

Nekomata : The hard part might be finding them and getting them to stay still long enough.

Nyanji : If you put out food for a couple days you’ll get cats coming every time you get the bowl out.

Nyanji : Just make sure not to put out too much or leave it when you’re not around, or you might get rats or crows or something going for it.

Sabertooth : Yeah, we sure wouldn’t want crows bugging you.

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Cat Sage : I’m sure you’ll do great. I can’t wait to see all the cat pics.

Kitten : And if they aren’t perfect, they still might be funny. Like Nyanji’s picture of the cat swatting the camera!

Tabby : Alright, I can do this. Sidequest: photograph cats. Mission start!


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