Windows 10 prices and launch dates for Home and Pro versions may have leaked (2023)

  • LOL, this had better be a placeholder. If it takes until August 31st for the OS to launch, there will be serious issues.

  • Why issues? The longer time they take to refine the OS the better isn't it? Why the rush anyway?

  • I thought I remember hearing there wasn't going to be a retail version. This just an authorization code?

  • It's free for Windows 7(?)/8/8.1 and for a limited time if I read it right. Anyone who doesn't update in 1 yr, building a new custom PC, has a illegal copy, etcor has XP or older will have to buy.

  • But who wants to buy a Windows 8.1 laptop for $500-1,500 without knowing the quality of the upcoming OS? I'd be annoyed if I bought a laptop, went to college, then got a lemon for W10. Not to say it's what I expect, but I would certainly rethink a PC purchase without the OS available.

  • WTF?!?!? Really?!?!? It's a free upgrade, don't like Windows 10 over 8.1, just use the factory image in the recovery partition to go back to 8.1... Seriosely don't know where the hell you're coming from.

  • Common sense, man...some don't like 8.1 (many, actually, though I'm fine with it), and would want W10 to fix what they don't like with 8.1 (UI, app selection, browser, etc.).

  • Guess you haven't been paying attention than to the developement nor used the tech preview. Windows 10 is way better than 8.1 IMO, but you can't please everyone, so some may be unhappy, especially if they don't learn all the settings. If you use full screen start menu in desktop mode, it's like having the start screen from 8.1 and start menu from 7 in 1 OS. I personally like how even if you have a window open, it shows the desktop background behind the start menu in fullscreen.

  • Except we already know that things are and will be unfinished at launch. You can like what's coming so far, but it says nothing if what the final product will be. We've seen nothing of Xbox Music. Edge functionality is incomplete, such as with add-ons. Commitment from app developers hasn't been that great so far, from a native or recompiled standpoint. You're basically saying people are supposed to put full trust in Microsoft, who is somewhat rebuilding its platform for the third time since 2010, with unfinished sure as the proof.

  • Let me catch you up. XBOX music is now simply Music. XBOX video is now just Video same for TV. Edge is still has work to go yet but we all know that. Don't know where you get your info about what the intent is of developers so I'll assume this point you pulled from your arse as with the rest of your comment. If you are board with MS, are you planning to get Windows 10 anyway or stick with XP?

  • and how does that change anything? Does windows 7 have xbox music, IE extensions, or app develpers? No it doesn't. you still have x86 apps and almost all of them will work in windows 10. you don't like xbox music then get a third party app yu like. you don't like edge? then use chrome or firefox. since windows 7 doesn't have an app store, any apps that you do likefrom the store is an extra,The desktopoperates pretty much the same as windows 7. plus from what we've seen pof windpws 8 and 10, you will get an OS that boots faster, uses less resources, and has some nice improvements like mkv/ISO support. i think your worries are exaggerated.

  • Keith Wallace, Let me get this straight, in this thread thatYOU started,you first complain that the August release date is to far away and Microsoft will have serious issues by waiting that long, and nowyour complaining that things will be unfinished at launch..... I dont know why, but i feel like your arguing I can't be the only one that sees this.

  • I noticed it too, just decided to leave it alone as Windows 10 will never be a finished product as from what I read. It's supposed to be MS's last OS basically and just contiously evolve from now on out, similar to OSX.

  • Why worry about windows 10 being incomplete so far when it's not due to be released yet for several months? If it was complete today it would be released tomorrow

  • Microsoft has already started that if you upgrade to Windows 10 and don't like it, you can revert back to your previous OS. Windows 10 is completely reversible.

  • common sense would be that if you don't like windows 8 or 10, you can still bet windows 7. you can get a win 7 license pretty cheap. common sense would also dictate that if you are buying a new pc, your choices are a windows machine or a mac. what happens with windows 10 won't effect your buying decision much. if you are buying between $500-$1000, your only option is a windows machine. you have linux, but most people won't consider that no matter what happens with windows.

  • It not to hard to do a little research and find about windows 10.
    When buying a PC with the intent of using win 10

  • You realize if someone buys a laptop and enjoys 8.1, they don't /have/ to upgrade to 10, right?I mean, plenty of people held out on XP during Vista, and on 7 during 8, so no one is forced to upgrade.

  • As I said in the first place, the problem is that people want W10 to fix issues they have with 8.1. They're not wanting 8.1 as a long-term OS, given things like a so-so app marketplace and poor music management built-in.

  • All of what you said is just your opinion. Many people do like 8.1 and hate how they moved the tiles in 10, opinion.

  • I love 8.1 and will not move to 10 until I have seen it fully working.

  • People are still choosing Windows 7 over 8(.1). Until very recently we sold a laptop model that had the choice of 7 or 8. Probably at least half of our customers who bought it chose to have Windows 7 installed. And that's in spite of us telling them something like, "You know how XP became unsupported a year ago? Windows 7 will be there in 5 years."Even though it's not likely they'll have the laptop much past 2020, they normally expect it to last a long time at the time of purchase.

  • Yeah, fear of change... A lot of people are still using XP. I finally got my roommate to upgrade to 7 when I gave them my old PC, because it didn't have XP drivers and now she loves 7 after being "forced" to upgrade.

  • It's funny you mention this, because I'm in the market for a new laptop, hell even a used laptop I can fix up would work. Guess what, I don't have to worry about this self imposed imaginary problem of yours because when I purchase a laptop it will have the latest "real" version of windows on it, Windows 7. I pity the fool that has to worry about the things you worry about.

  • Well if it was performance or size issues.... then you would have heard screaming from one of the 2 million w10 beta testers. I have a 5yr oldPC and it works on this fine? If you have a question ask but FUD is not helpful.

  • You can still keep the full start screen. There's no reason to have 8.1

  • Charms Bar and no Menu lists are two reasons for starters.

  • In 8.1, you have a clean desktop and a clean Modern UI. You can switch betwenn the two instantly as needed. In 10, you got a mixed bag Start menu. Now they have even removed the Full Screen button forstrange reasons which only introduce inconvenience. You have to go to Settings to make a change. Strange.

  • No you don't, change to tablet mode, the full screen start menu is almost exactly the same thing as the start screen was. Just merged to unifiy the whole OS. 8.1 felt like 2 seperate OSes. 10 does everything 8.1 did while feeling like 1 coherent OS. When I had 8.1 installed on my desktop, I never used apps or even looked at the Start Screen except for the first day I installed it. I immediately got a program called StartIsBack to bring the Start Menu back. Now that I have Windows 10, I actually pay attention to my Live Tiles and use the apps, because they are always there. Not hidden in another part of the OS.

  • You could always not upgrade until you know. Windows 8.1 is a great OS, so you can always buy a PC and use that for up to a year after 10 release and take your time to decide on the free update.

  • They won't have the OS ready for back-to-school sales. That's a problem, missing a major PC shopping holiday.

  • Um, August is Back-to-School...

  • Grad school starts mid-August for me. This is essentially September.

  • Yeah, back to school is still August and if it releases in August, still just in time. You arguement is weak at best.

  • So buy a Windows 7 or 8.1 PC and upgrade to 10 when it is released. Duh.

  • Lol that's what I'm saying. The guy who said MS is missing anything is ignoring facts.

  • When did back to school become a holiday?

  • Apparently in the US it's a big deal.

  • Its what some people outside the US maybelieve but trust me, its no holiday of any sort. Never has been.

  • @Keth Wallace You are whining too much buddy. It's an OS update, not an amendment to the constitution.

  • I mean its a tech blog. Can't blame him for being passionate about it

  • This article is only about retail box copies, the release date for OEM preinstalls and free upgrades has not been announced yet and will be before this.

    (Video) Windows 10 Pricing & Release Date Leaked By NewEgg ?? | RUMOR
  • RTM july, PCs shipping with itmid-aug. This article is just about the standalone retail versions.

  • Because some of us are only holding back on pulling the trigger on a macbook to see what teh Final release OS performs like (because we aren't putting a Beta on a machine we use to get stuff done on), and waiting until September... Well, that's just a bit long to wait when you've already finished budgeting and saving for a new Notebook.I honestly don't think I can wait that long. First it was june, then July, now - basically - September.Keep in mind, until then, we still have to suffer through Windows 8.1's Frankenstein User Experience.

  • More than likely just a placeholder but it does make sense that the store version wouldn't release until August due to manufacturing times etc. Etc. After RTM is released. Plus, most users will be downloading it through windows update anyways as the majority of users run win7 or win8/8.1.

  • The majority of old customers, sure, but not students wanting be computers for college. That's the crowd Microsoft needs W10 to reach.

  • Those who are wanting new computers for back to school will already have Win10 installed on said new computer by Release to Manufacturing (installed by the computer manufacturer) That is, if it is true that they are releasing RTM in July. If they buy a new computer earlier than August, then it will have Win8.1 installed and they will receive the free upgrade via Windows Update. Either way, they will have Win10 before or very close to back to school time. The August 31st date in the article is just for hard copy DVD versions.

  • Grad school? You don'twrite like someonethat'sbeen to any college."but not students wanting be computers for college"? "As I said in the first place, the problem is that people want W10 to fix issues they have with 8.1. They're not wanting 8.1 as a long-term OS, given things like a so-so app marketplace and poor music management built-in"Grad school? I doubt that. But on the interwebs, you can be whatever you want.

  • LOL good catch!

  • LMAO :D

  • It goes RTM first in June/July to OEMs. They do their testing before launch. August sounds about right to give OEMs 1-2 months to find any left over bugs or pass along drivers back to MS to be included in the disc so the drivers install on OS installation instead of having half your hardware not working afterwards..

  • BTW... does anyone know where to donwload Build 10130 Build ISO? i already set my update to "fast ting" but its downloading so slow its 1% per 5 min. found a torrent by a comment here but its donwloading slower than its uploading (i dont know what it sent to be 300KB/s with the download 100KB/s) please? i'm in build 10074 and its buggy on me.

  • I think you should update to 10122 through windows update, then update to 10130 through windows update

  • Make sure your set to "Fast" and manually check for new updates. I just did it on my new tablet and had it on 10130 in a couple hours.

  • why would it cause issues being released to public at the end of august, just seems like a silly remark to be made.

  • This is only for the retail/OEM versions. RTM and retail/OEM have pretty much always been separated by about a 3 month span. Frankly, I don't see the issue, since hardly anyone buys Windows anyways.

  • You might as well hold up a sign saying "I am an amateur." I expect PC enthusiasts are the largest group represented of individuals buying either retail or OEM versions of Windows.I've not bought an OEM desktop since I bought a floor model IBM 486 from Target when I was in my twenties (I'm in my fifties now).So personally, if you buy an OEM desktop, I'm not sure I really care about your opinion.

  • Such an amazing display of arrogance and ignorance!No, actually. The largest group of people that buy Windows OEM is small PC manufacturors. PC enthusiests should always buy the retail version that way you can reactivate it when you change the hardware.So I'm honestly not sure what you're so outraged about tbh. I buy the retail version of Windows for my gaming PC, but I recognize that the majority do not.

  • Oh, you are super imprecise. I stated "I expect PC enthusiasts are the largest group represented of individuals buying either retail or OEM versions of Windows." Note that I specified individuals rather than OEM's. So while companies are certainly made up of people, the common usage would be to make a distinction between consumers and manufacturers as I did, and as you have blurred.If you are on a site like Windows Central and you make a statement like "hardly anyone buys Windows anymore" you might expect blow back given as I stated, enthusiasts are likely the largest group of individuals buying Windows. If you state the majority of consumers do not buy windows separately from their PC purchase then I would not have responded.

  • Issues like a stable, not rushed operating system?

  • this isn't about rtm

  • Feedback and comts to Microsoft:1. We hate Tiles1A. We love those LIVE tiles, its so cool and different2. We hate Full size Start screen2B. We love the full size start screen that we can customize to our needs and liking. Old start was limited and boring. its our top request for Win103. We want Win10 to look and perform just like Win7, but called a different name. if its not exactly like Win7, we will not install it, we will just stay with Win7. screw you MS. CrApple iOS and OSX never does that. Every new OS, is the same as last one, with no improvments.3C. Do not make Win10 like Win7 in any ways whatsoever. We do not live in 80's or 90's anymore. technology has advanced, so should the OS. Please keep adding more featuers and options.4. We want Win10 to look at perform just like Win XP with different name even though its 20 yrs old.4D. Do not make Win10 anything like XP whatsoever, we live in 2015 not 90's5. We hate the Charm Bar, worst thing ever.5E. We love the Charm Bar, it was the best thing ever, and it is one of the top request in Win10 feedback, along with our full size Start screen, Do not take those away.6. We want everything for Free from you MS, we dont care if we pay CrApple every dime we make, for whatever they ask for, but never you MS.6F. Thank you MS for giving Win10, that 1000s of your employees are spending countless hours trying to make it so awesome for everyone to enjoy for ""FREE"" for ever. We know good things come to those who wait, and we know rushing things, usually will have problems and issues. We can clearly see that MS is really trying to make Win10 the best OS in the world again at the final version, to make those cry babies shut their months once and for all, by giving us so many great features and Options, and tons of customization to make everyone happy.7. We know MS is up to no good, they say is free, but we know they will charge us later. Again, all our money is ONLY for CrApple, NOT for YOU MS. Free is not good enough. we just spent $17,000 of gold plated CrApple watch with no complains even i have to charge it every 4 hrs, and its not waterproof, or works on my tatoos, you CrApple's update that broke my watch for good,...................we dont care about that. We have no moeny to give you MS. If you could only be more giving as CrApple. 7G. that's awesome MS, that you are spending millions of dollars, by paying all those engineers and staff, to create an OS so freaking amazing, unlike anything like it in this world, for FREE to billions of people all around the world. We appreciate your unbelievable Win10 OS for FREE. Thank you.8. We hate you MS, no matter how awesome and inventive you are. We love CrApple now, even though they constantly copy from you and others.8H. We love you MS. Thank you for amazing products and services you have provided to billions of people all around the world. We thank you for helping charities and foundations to find cure, helping disabled people, helping doctors and surgeons, kids with cancer,...... with you amazing technology and support.9. We hate square tiles9I. We love square and rectandular shape LIVE tiles that comes in different sizes, that we can select. We also like the fact that we can catogorize them, so we can find them so quickly, and remove those that we dont use often.10. Win8/8.1 is the worst OS ever, how can we play games in tile screen with square things in it?10J. Win8/8.1 is AWESOME and we love everything about it. its like having 2 OS for touch, and no touch PC's in one OS. Your """DESKTOP""" screen is no different than Win7, Vista, XP.......... with the same IE we are use to and know, and touch friendly IE if we chose to use it. Our games work so much faster and way better with Direct X11 on Win8/8.1. We can even play on multi monitors with only 1 click, with Win8/8.1 multi monitors viewing. We know Win10 with directX 12 is going to be even Way better.11. it takes so many clicks to power off, sleep, restart on Win8/8.1, our fingers can't Handel it. its so stupid. Windows sucks. What were MS thinking when they put the power button on top of the screen, instaed of buttom. what is wrong with you people?11K. We LOVE how we can access so many things on Win8/8.1 so much faster with only 1 or 2 clicks on Win8/8.1 that took us way more on Win7, XP, Vista,.... by that great short cut, called """""""""""WINDOWS POWER MENU"""""""""""""(Win Key+X, or RIGHT click on the Start button,.......). This menu offers way more quick access options, to so many things with 1 or 2 clicks, that would take 5 or more with other OS's. We also see it in Win10, and we thank you for it. Also, in that Menu, we can access power, sleep, restart on the buttom of the page as well. We can also, creat a power button very easily in task manager, Start screen, Desktop, so we can power off with just 1 click if we wish to do so. Thanks for offering many ways to access so many things.12. We can't believe you giving us all these build OS's for us to try out, so my computer can crash, and not function correctly. you are stupid, we are going to get a CrApple OSX MaCrap devices that is finalized and works, and pay $$$$$$$$$ whatever they ask for. We might even pay them more.12L. Thank you MS for letting us get a feel for your upcoming Win10 OS, by giving us access to different build versions for FREE, even though we know, its NOT the full version and it may have issues and problems, as you have mentioned it over and over, that is NOT a final version, its still in developments and testing stages. We know, most of these issues we are experiencing will be gone, on the final version. Thats why is called TEST Version, NOT final version. We will continue to provide you with feedback, to improve it, for the final version.well you guys get the idea.So many BoooHoooos and Whining going on here. You guys want to complain, why don't you complain about the most overrated, Hyped-Up, stupid priced, 4 years behind technology,...................CrApple devices. Does CrApple let you iSHEEP test their freaking junk prods, before releasing them???? Does CrApple gives the rat's ass, what you want or don't want????? Do you iSHEEP have any say so on anything CrApple's related????????? Does CrApple gives you anything for FREE, or do they charge you with some stupid price, so you think its so special???? WAKE UP people, stop whining so much. Appreciate what MS is doing for you people, that no other comp is doing for its customers.

  • Great comment

  • LOL :)

  • LOL, there will always be complainers. I love what Win 10 offers and look forward to the next few months.

  • Why your long ass comment is in black border?

  • That black border is called a screen bezel

  • I was wondering the same. I didn't give a shit about his tl;dr comment... But, that black background...

  • Why? Don't think so...

  • Darn right there will be issues. Do the math... if, IF, 8/31 (end of Summer, i.e., last minute), then what of Windows 10 Mobile? "Sometimes later" as in Christmas? Then what phones by Spring '16? And then will will we see those phones in the US?Think about it. The 640XL was announced 5 months ago and we still ain seen it. And the 640 itself is only available locked on Cricket. Most carriers won't until the end of June... If... still up in the air.Long story short, if these dates are right, and past is prologue (and it usually is), then here in the US we will see new flag ships about a year from now. TWO AND ONE HALF FRIGGEN YEARS AFTER THE LAST ONE.... ARE FRIGGEN KIDDING ME!!!

  • ha ha ha folks some of you folks are making me laugh at your comments fights. All I can say To Microsoft is get a stable version out there and add the new features when they WORK WELL enough for people to use them. Let's get it ONNOW.US Windows 10 tech Preview users will get a treatwe will get the RTM version to evaluate in july or early August. YEAH We get free operationg system on our computer but with a catch ! Wewill probably be the first Folks to beta testsome of the new features Windows 10 will get after it RTM'S and is sold as installation DVD's to the folks who stil use Windows Melenium, XP and Vista. unfortunatly they have to payfor Windows 10. that's lifeand sometimes it stinks

  • Wow Ok now this my just be the biggest news of the day here

  • Shut up and take my money!

  • It's free

  • Not to everyone

  • For most people, for consumers, it's free. Unless he/she is an enterprise customer

  • That's gr8!!!

  • A 7/10 for you guys when CEOs have said late July? What's the WC justification for believing this to be more true, than not (six and above)?
    I think this is too late as it misses back to school... Though with continuous updates, a focus on laptops now, more focus on tablets for Christmas time with a new update...PS, didn't make that up. Lol.

  • You do have to keep in mind that this is a "hard copy" version too. Not the downloadable version. Lol.

  • RTM is completely different than a public launch. It will most likely RTM in July for back to school says and hit shelves as physical standalone copies later in August.I'm hoping these are placeholder prices and not actual prices. If they want to move the consumer users of xp and vista than it has to be pretty damn cheap for a limited time imo.

  • RTM has been reported as late July. RTM and being able to actually buy a copy is not the same thing.

  • July is RTM (Release to Manufacture) this is the date MS gives finalcopies to Dell, Lenovo, HP, etc so they can start building configs for systems they will sell on release date.

  • RTM, yes, thought one company already announced hard date for a WX laptop that was late July... But that is coming real quick either way...

    (Video) Xbox Update 2023. Why the price cut??

  • Back to school hardware will generally have OS installed, so WIN10 will be free. By that time you get WIN8.1 and go straight to WIN10 RTM through insider program.. no big deal.

  • But would you buy an 8.1 laptop that did not have the capabilities of Windows Hello?

  • Why should anyone care about Windows Hello?

  • And windows 7 ultimate costs like $180 lol

  • Wut? Even in my country it costs 80$. W 8.1 pro is 180$.

  • Costs around 100$ in my countryThe 8.1 pro costs around 150$

  • It's free for my Windows 8.1 pc and tablet. Anyone with Windows 7/8.1 Make sure you take advantage of it before it's too late.

  • We already knew it was coming outin Aug for PC, we just didnt have a date so either this is the date or it is just a worse case placeholder that will get updated soon. My bet is on this is the actual date.

  • That's way too expensive

  • I agree, if Microsoft wants to increase accessibility, they should lower the price. Sell more copies and get closer to a billion Windows 10 users.

  • They will have a billion WIN10 installs in three years easy, just on hardware sales alone around 800million or so.

  • they did lower the price. it's free for the first year. if you are to stupid to run the update within 12 minths, than you will pay up. You should have a good idea about the quality of theOS within 6 months. If you like the OS and miss the deadline, that is on you.As the saying goes a fool and his money are soon parted.

  • "if you are stupid not to run the update within the first year"Who says someone has to be stupid? They could be a business that has a policy to wait 2 years to make sure it's stable. Or they could be someone who really needs the placeholders and is waiting for Microsoft to put their new system in. You're acting like the only reason you're not going to update on day 1 is if you're stupid. When, tbh, updating on day 1 seems like the stupid thing to do from a business standpoint.

  • Its not even the fucking official price. Get it the fuck together people.

  • Lower the price, like making it free for a year for anyone on Windows 7/8/8.1?

  • Pricing for the OS is fine IMO, why is it too expensive? Compared to what?

  • Compared to every other OS out there. Its also more expensive than Windows 8.

  • How much does Mac OS X Yosemitecost retail/OEM?

  • Mac OS is for Apple devices only. What's the meaning of OEM's here. And btw they get most of their OS X upgrades for free.

  • I know. The more I think about my earlier comment, the dumber it sounded vs trying to get him to think about my original point that you cannot even buy the latest version of Mac OS separately (that I could find with just checking one site quickly).Posted via the Windows Central App for Android

  • OS X is the cost of a new Mac laptop or PC, case you really have to buy the hardware...and another thing they don't have Microsoft service apps so that's another $200 for Office for Macs.

  • Office for Mac is included in Office 365.Posted via the Windows Central App for Android

  • Office isn't free for Windows either. You either need to buy it or get a Subscription. Macs can utilize an Office Subscription, and the version of Office for Mac is like $139 not $200. You're talking about the Business version with Outlook and no one would actually pay for that unless they needed it for business use (in which case they'll likely get it from their work, for free or $10 through that MS program).A PC Operating system is useless without a PC to run on. You can buy Windows from teh store but without a PC what are you going to run it on. Yes, you need a Mac to run OS X, but the price of OS X upgrades is 0 so there is no ongoing investment in keep the OS on the device up to date over hte life of the device, as was the case with Windows.Some of us had PCs that went from XP (late Model Dual Core 64-Bit machines) to Vista to 7 to 8 (yes, that many upgrades) and everytime we upgraded we had to pay the upgrade cost. That was about $100 for each version until Windows 7, and $49 for Windows 8 if you got it early like "enthusiasts" did.That's $250+ in OS updates added to the cost of the machine.In the same timespan, Mac users were paying like $29 for OS upgrades, and eventually Apple simply dropped the price altogether.A home user who buys a Mac is 9/10x going to use iWork over Office, since it does more than enough for them and it comes witih better support than Office does in the consumer market. You would not believe the amount of people I seen (even College-Aged) at the Apple Store taking a Workshop on iWorks when I was there some months ago.In any case, I think the Macs are worth their cost compared to most PCs in the same class. The keyboards, the Mice, the Touchpads, the Screens, the Web Cams, the Speakers/Microphone, etc. are all better than those "cheaper, but comparable" Windows Notebooks/AIO on the market.Buying a Mac isn't just about getting OS X (which, IMO, isn't much differentn than Windows, and Windows vs. OS X isn't really a legit reason to buy one over the other - in isolation), it's about getting superior hardware, premium build quality, and probably one of the best support/warranty combinations in the industry.Apple has their own services and cross-formfactor integrations which equally obsolete Windows from people's workflow once they start buying Apple devices, so I don't know why this is even a consideration.Office, OneDrive, OneNote are all available on Mac. Office 2016 will be available on Mac with near Feature Parity with the Windows Version - at least in the Big 3 Apps (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint). Skype is available for Mac.Mac users won't care about Xbox apps and anything related as they likely get all of their media from iTunes, anyways.Mac users who aren't using Microsoft software for work reasons on thier Macs likely won't even bother installing any of Microsoft's software, or using any of their services. They'll just continue using Google Services, or their iCloud Accounts and Apple Software (iCloud PIM, iWork, Photos, FaceTime, Messages, iTunes, iBook, etc.).

  • 8.1 OEM is about $120 how is that less that $109 for WIN10?OS X only sells with a dongle called a Mac and the latest version is hardcoded to not run on hardware older than mid 2007 (and is designed to run like molasses on anything but the latest two generations of hardware).Linux is free yes, they throw in the headaches and overall mediocre peripheral support as well, if any beyond the basics. Linux really is irrelevant as it hardly makes a dent in overall desktop installs. Kind of tells you what a free OS will get you.WIN10 will be free as an upgrade and runs just fine on anything running WIN7 or later. It runs fine on hardware a decade old.

  • Windows 8.1 OEM Core costs $99.99 while OEM Pro costs $139.99. I don't know where you're getting your mythical prices.

  • Compared to my salary in Latin America... Well, I'll buy the pirate version LOL

  • LOL, and what are you running now? We all know if you arerunning a good version of anything this side of XP you can get Win 10 for free.

  • probäbly running a pirated version of windows 7. That retail price doesn't mean they won't have a promition like what they had for the first month if the windows 8 release. It was like $40. If that's still too much for his latin american salary, than he can take his chances running pirated software from questioinable distribution sources.

  • Compared to people who have access to pirated software. Those prices aren't moving pirates any where... And these are US prices. Slap on another 20$ and you'll have the price point here in Denmark.
    And it wont have people on XP think it's time for an upgrade either. I think most people on XP haven't upgraded because of the OS prices.

  • If i download w10 on my netbook with win7 will i lose my office license? How do i keep my office?

  • On an upgrade, it should stick just fine. If you do a clean install, you will need the license code to reinstall on a fresh copy of Windows.

  • Thanks for answering. Is there a way i could retrieve my office's license code on my netbook?

  • Not that I know. Best thing is to make a fully bootable copy of the recovery drive. You can probably find instructions on the manufactures web page.

  • I wonder how much an upgrade from Home to Professional would cost? Just curious. Probably have to wait for that one.

  • Offtopic: Some features in Android M are too much similar to WP


  • That's a common practice, the big guy stole something from the small guy, then use it for their own profit.

  • And then: "Google invented it!" Or the famous "And boy have we patented it."

  • Could you list a few, a quick look did not reveal to me any.

  • Well, the most obvious one is that the app list looks suspiciously similar to WP. I watched a video and noticed other similarities, as well, but can't remember them right now. Here, take a look for yourself.

  • And the google photos app. Looks like a rip off of the win10 photos app. Hate the white background. Ugh fucking google makes me so mad.

  • This. White is lame and Google's even lamer.

    (Video) Windows 11 Leaked Version on i7-4770? Windows 11 on old hardware
  • That app is based largely on the Google+ Photos App, where Microsoft kind of ripped off a lot of features (Auto Tagging, Auto Enhance in Cloud, Auto Awesome, etc.). Why are you complaining?

  • Well, I wasn't aware of such thing. Apart from that, I can't recall finding any similarities between those two, but maybe you know better.

  • Honestly who is going to pay for this when you get 1 year free upgrade

  • OEM who will make new one, duh

  • but the OEM price is way lower than this retail price. this price is for people building a new pc or for those who have been using XP for the last decade.

  • People with XP

  • Someone who is still on XP or Vista. The free upgrade is only for 7 and up.

  • I would and I am on 8.1. Doesn't wanna go through hassle of upgrade and reinstall and then buy it after a year.......

  • you don't have to buy it after a year

  • These listings are for OEM versions. So they'reintended for new systems without a pre-exiting OS to upgrade from.

  • OEM don't buy retail copies. They buy bulk licenses for a lot less. this is mostly for people building their own PC or a Mac user who wants to run windows in boot camp.

  • Anyone, you know, building their own PC.

  • New Desktop PC builders and people on xp, vista.

  • Just put 8.1 on sale so I can get a copy of that! I love 8.1 and what I've seen of 10 doesn't impress me much.

  • Yes Windows 10 our saviour. Hail our saviour our lives saved. We are redeemed

  • NewEgg often has placeholders for things like this. Because MS people have said it'll be in August, putting Aug 31 is a safe bet. I'm hoping it'll be more like mid-August though.

  • I bet the download-only upgrade to Win 10 for non 7/8.1 users will be much cheaper than a full-out disk.I recall upgrading 5 computers at 40 bucks a pop per download (no DVD) during the early promotional upgrade period when 8 first came out. Microsoft support even sent me a a free Win 8 DVD (beyond just the download) when I was having issues upgrading one of our home's machines. It was a nightmare upgrading this one home-built computer (MSI Big Bang MoBo, i7 processor) but I gotta give the tech support props for the free DVD plus they worked their bitts off trying to solve my issue for days (even remotely).

  • I bet the download-only upgrade to Win 10 for non 7/8.1 users will be much cheaper than a full-out disk

    Well, for the 1st year, it definitely will be much cheaper - it's free.

  • He said non 7/8.1 users, meaning those running Vista and below, for which the upgrade will not be free.

  • Ah yes.

  • I think not offering it for Vista is a bit of a mistake, considering machines running Vista were probably sold as late as 2009 and far surpass the system requirements for Windows 8 (since the benchmark for Windows 7+ system requirements were set in Vista, and cause quite a stir back then).

  • It's consistent with their broad n-1 version support though.

  • n-2 obv

  • Swagmaster!!!!!!

  • If I have an OEM license, can I upgrade my motherboard?

  • No.

  • 109 for Home vs 149 for pro? Thats not much of a price difference to get Pro. I've been running the preview in the machine I built this past February expecting to purchase home (since I thought pro would be 199), but at 149 I will prolly just go ahead and get a Pro key.

  • I have zero interest in the OEM version. I've not looked into the licensing restrictions around the OEM version recently but I upgrade my PC far too often to have my OS tied to my motherboard. So no interest, I've been buying the retail version for years, often during a pre release promotional sale and that's my hope now as well.So when is the retail version going to be released, at what price, and most importantly is there going to be a promotional sale prior to release like there was for Windows 8 and 7 before it...

  • but if you have an OEM key, why not upgrade it? you can always buy a retail copy later or buy a spare copy during any promotion they will have.

  • True (although in my case I don't have OEM keys)it depends on if the upgrade process allows for a clean install. The promotional sale price I usually jump at is just prior to release and that price is usually not matched afterwards. We will see....

  • To finalize the new windows minimum needs 1 year. Ms become company 1 programing worker and about him 10 managers.

  • Prices are to High in my opinion if they want one billion or two billion devices that price for OEM home are too hight

  • It's freein the first year and most people get windows from new PC purchases. Comsidering how many PC's get sold every year and the free upgrade, reaching one billion devices shouldn't be a problem. This especially true if you add xbox,tablet, and phonesales.

  • Why is everyone getting so excited, the actual release date has been cited for late July. No need to take this post as Gospel. On another note this site needs to sort out it comments section, specifically responses to comments which in places looks like a crap tetris game with only 1 column.

  • August is far more realistic than July for release. July's not been mentioned anywhere as retail/release.

  • just one of many sites I've seen stating late July.

  • Very possibly. But that site is one of those ones that obscures the article with a massive pop-up ad as soon as you land - I won't read it.July would be cool - if only so attention can switch to catching up with their mobile OS, but seems optimistic. And MS track history of hitting expected dates is a case study in how not to do it.

  • Oh wow. They actually did, announced that 29 July would be the date. Good on them for having the confidence in hitting that.

  • Microsoft,for the OS, traditionally has two release date. RTM, or release to manufacturing and the date that consumers can get their hands on the new OS. The dates are generally 6 weeks apart.Posted via the Windows Central App for Android

  • Ridiculous prices. If prices were lower where I live, people would buy. Since they are insane, nobody does. I hope that's according to MS plan :)

  • Well, the average person doesn't have to worry about the price of Windows. When you buy a computer it comes with Windows pre-installed. And if you have a computer with 7 or 8.1, you get the Windows 10 upgrade for free.

    (Video) STOP! Don't buy ANY Apple iPad right now!
  • The low avg person,buys pirated if a desktop. Laptops is one,product bundled not desktop.

  • Why would you buy pirated software? You might as well get it for free if it's pirated.

  • FINALLY THE FULL VERSION!Makes me feel better already.

  • By July = August 31.

  • No one said "by July".The closest MS have got is "summer". Which, being MS, likely means Autumn/Fall.

  • I said it was July and it is stil July, regardless this article.

  • RTM is for July and retail for August.

  • And W10 Mobile H1 2016..

  • The author forgot to mention, that's Newegg's release date, has nothing to do with Windows 10 release date. Windows 10 will release in July!

  • Probably didn't forget - probably just preferred to not put more rumours into the article.
    If/when MS confirms a July release date, that's the time to consider it more than clickbait.

  • there is a difference between RTM and retail. The July date was given by an OEM who said that is when the RTM version will be availabe to OEMs. August is the date you can buy a retail copy in the store. By the way, neither of these dates came from Microsoft. So, they are just rumors at this point. The interesting question is when will people be able to do the upgrade. Will it be at the RTM date,retail date, or somewhere in between?

  • My hunch would be they'd make the update available on retail launch date.
    They'll be a lot of work needed to make sure the update servers are up to it though.
    But, timezone-wise, who knows.

  • So this is the OEM/SB version only. How much will MS want for the true retail version? Still 399$ like in the past?

  • I have the same question, although the Pro version of Windows 8 was $200. I don't think we've seen prices like $399 in quite some time.

  • Retail Windows 8.1 is like $100. If you were quoted $400, you got quoted wrong.

  • Indeed. Windows 7 is around $200 for the Retail version. $399 was the prize for Windows XP Pro Retail. At that time MS was still trying to stop OEM/SB versions to be sold seperatly, without success.

  • Since when do oem's buy windows from newegg? They buy bulk licenses directly from Microsoft for a lot less. Newegg would show the retail price. They did also sell a system builder version which allows you to install on one PC for less money. When did widows cost $399? That is the price for full office. Windows has been under $200.

  • Prices are eh. I have a pro key i can upgrade with. Anyone know if Client Hyper-V is in Win 10 Pro?

  • Yes

  • Don't worry Kali Linux on the way :D

  • Rofl release date already in August. W10 still is buggy and unfinished as hell. Such a huge fuckup this rushing from Microsoft. They had to take their chance for once and make a mind blowing OS that got reviews with scores from at least 9/10. Now every reviewer will say it is early, half baked, missing apps but it will probably get better and rates it 7/10. Epic fail. Zzzzzz

  • It takes really a long time to make ecosystem great. Ur right. Ppl may download windows 10 for free but then what at that time when they don't have good games and all have apps. They have to increase their pace. If ppl who download windows 10 for free don't get at least a good not the best ecoystem it will fail then.I have some questions here too.How Windows 10 will boost pc sales? If it comes frew
    Devs have to port their apps now to windows 10 store beta.I'm talking about regular consumers as business consumers have to pay for windows 10.No one will use apps which they use on their phones like instagram, twitter etc. Which ppl who tweet and use instagram use their on phones so how it will pay off wellMicrosoft has been building great apps like Xbox. App, msn apps, cortana integration.I'm still worried how it will go.
    The new edge logo ppl will think its still internet explorer and download Firefox and chrome.It all depends upon Microsoft's advertisments on television and internet.But do u guys think will it pay off well for mobile consumers???

  • The apps that run on windows 7 will run on windows 40. So, for those upgrading from windows 7, there is no ecosystem issue. The universal apps that are available in the store are just a bonus if they want to use them. They universal apps are more important for tablet and phone sales.Why wouldn't you use apps like twitter and instagram on a laptop? It's easier to read through tweets on a larger screen and type with a physical keyboard. Looking at a picture is way better on a large display.IE is still the most used browser. The average user doesn't just download firefox or chrome as soon as they bet a PC. It is usually downloaded by a techie friend or a tech support person tells them to download it when their website doesn't work(easier to blame IE than to say that their web developers are shit). If Edge renders the same as chrome, is faster, and lateradds extensions, people won't have a need to download chrome. There is a big advantage to having your browser preinstalled on all new PCs.

  • 109 is too expensive for home oem edition

  • Not really

  • Lol 149 dollars for w10...sure they will help to reduce piracy with that price. If they sold it for 50 dollars then more people would have bought it.

  • Piracy is to be reduced in India as well as china. If these both countries get Windows free or ay a great deal then piracy will end.

  • No more news today?

  • It's Sunday...

  • Expensive

  • Ok, couldn't you buy windows 7 and then upgrade to windows 10 for free?I'm going to be getting a Macbook Pro for college. Any suggestions on what to do? Will windows 10 be compatible with older windows software? How long does it take parrarels to make a new version that works with the next version of windows?

  • I hope its worth that price. I'm shocked. I feel ashamed that microsoft would ask such a price for the product in its current state. Even windows 8 preview felt well built a long time before its release. But what I expereince in windows 10 for pc is worrying.

  • Or you can buy windows 7, 8, or 8.1 keys for cheaper and just upgrade from there.

  • I am waiting for windows 10 ....
    Can we also get free key of Windows 8.1 pro

  • It's not the official thing by Microsoft... so whatever Newegg is doing, it's just like when a company have products with ridiculous prices and selling them on preorder but once the price is confirmed and the product released you get charged by the right ammount.Not many people will buy these kind of license since most people buy their computers with a OS incluided. but I am sure when Microsoft confirmed prices, they newegg will fix it. because I am sure it will be cheaper. for some months at least and such.Look at the release date, it's just estimated compared to previous versions of Windows. not really a date you can trust either. if not Microsoft would confirm it already and everyone would know it by now.So yes, I am sure it's just a placeholder while Microsoft confirms it... while people can still preorder it and be sure to get it on day one.

  • People said the exact same thing when Windows 8 launched (this exact same thing happened by the exact same company) and it turned out to be right.

  • So... End of August... Labor Day-ish... for all intents and purposes, well, it's the last minute....But, of course, the underlying story here is the Windows 10 Mobile release date of "...sometime later..."When, exactly? Thanksgiving? Christmas? With new phones available by, say, Spring of '16? Or, for our American audience, Summer of '16!!!!Think that's hyperbole? The 640 XL was released when? And where, in America, can you get one? That's right... as of this day, 5 months after the 640XL was announced, you cannot get one in America.

  • Hyperbole?LOL - one handset targeted at specific non-US markets and suddenly America's on the uncared-for end of MS's release strategy?Pull the other one - MS is totally US-centric. Every service/hardware/software gets released in US first. A lot don't ever get released elsewhere.But yes, Q1 2016 for any Windows 10 Mobile handset availability is probably realistic.Also, you can get them in America. For less than $200. Just probably not if you're silly enough to buy a handset through one of that country's rubbish carriers.

  • The new Windows icons are ugly and look like it is from Windows 95, if that's how the design team works and that would be final version I will be considering switching to OSX and Linux

  • You'd switch OS based on a couple of icons? That's hardcore.Enjoy Unix!

  • Guys, since Windows 10 is available for free for Windows 7/8, do you think that it's a good idea to just buy a win7 license, since it's cheaper?

    (Video) New Windows 11 Update 22621.900 - Moment 2 Features in the Main Release and more

  • Its a shame that Windows 10 didn't get the August 31 release date. It would've shared a birthday with Hatsune Miku.

  • FAQs

    Can I still get Windows 10 free in 2022? ›

    As you can guess, it is very much possible to still upgrade and get Windows 10 for free in 2022. You just need to follow our methods covered above -- from using your existing Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 product key or even getting a license through work or school at no cost.

    Will Windows 10 stop working after 2025? ›

    During its announcements of the Windows 11 rollout, Microsoft reiterated that Windows 10 would remain supported until October 14, 2025. The company put it in writing, too, in a blog post(Opens in a new window) that confirms the date. This applies to both Home and Pro versions of Windows 10.

    What is the difference between Windows 10 Home and Pro versions? ›

    The main difference between Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro is the security of the operating system. Windows 10 Pro is a safer choice when it comes to protecting your PC and securing your information. In addition, you can choose to connect the Windows 10 Pro to a domain.

    Is Win 11 better than win 10? ›

    Better virtual desktop support

    You'll find it easier to create and toggle between different virtual desktops in Windows 11 than in Windows 10. Windows 11 lets you set up virtual desktops in a way that's similar to on a Mac. It allows you to toggle between multiple desktops at once for personal, work, school or gaming.

    Will Windows 11 stop being free? ›

    Here's the answer, per the FAQ: The free upgrade offer does not have a specific end date for eligible systems. However, Microsoft reserves the right to eventually end support for the free offer. This end date will be no sooner than October 5, 2022.

    Will Windows 11 be free ever? ›

    Upgrades to Windows 11 from Windows 10 will be free.

    Is XP still supported? ›

    After April 8, 2014, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates or Microsoft vender provided technical support for Windows XP.

    Can I use Windows 10 forever? ›

    Microsoft will continue to support Windows 10 until Oct. 14, 2025.

    Is Windows 11 better now? ›

    Windows 11 is worth the update for most people. It comes with a wide range of new features, performance improvements, and design changes. As the latest Windows OS, it usually gets more attention than Windows 10, too. There's not too much risk in upgrading to Windows 11, either.

    Can I get Windows 10 Pro for free? ›

    If you are still on Windows 7 or 8, you can upgrade to Windows 10 for free. Whether you're going from 7 / 8 to 10 or 10 to 11, you can upgrade either by using an install disk (created with the media creation tool) or with Windows update.

    Is win 10 home faster than pro? ›

    Answer: Both Windows 10 Home and Pro are fast enough and there is no processing speed difference in them. The only difference between them is that Windows 10 Pro has more features than Windows 10 Home.

    Does Windows 10 pro use more RAM than home? ›

    Windows 10 Pro does not use any more or less disk space or memory than Windows 10 Home. Since Windows 8 Core, Microsoft has added support for low-level features such as a higher memory limit; Windows 10 Home now supports 128 GB of RAM, while Pro tops out at 2 Tbs.

    Does Windows 11 use more RAM? ›

    Yes, Windows 11 uses more RAM than earlier versions of Windows. This is because Windows 11 includes a lot of new features and programs that require more memory to run. On average, Windows 11 uses about 4 GB of RAM.

    Is 8GB RAM enough for Windows 11? ›

    Is 8GB RAM enough for Windows 11? Windows 11 RAM requirement is 4GB. 8GB RAM can run Windows 11 and some other basic software. But if you want to run some productive software, 8GB is not enough.

    Is Windows 11 better now 2022? ›

    Dubbed the Windows 11 2022 Update (and referred to as version 22H2 on your PC), the free download has started rolling out to users in more than 190 countries, says Microsoft. It comes with several new features and improvements offered to those on laptops, desktops and tablets. Is it worth the upgrade? Absolutely.

    What happens if I dont update Windows? ›

    Your PC will continue to start and run, but you will no longer receive software updates, including security updates, from Microsoft.

    Which is better S mode or Windows 10? ›

    Windows 10 in S mode isn't another version of Windows 10. Instead, it's a special mode that substantially limits Windows 10 in a variety of ways to make it run faster, provide longer battery life, and be more secure and easier to manage. You can opt out of this mode and revert to Windows 10 Home or Pro (see below).

    Can I upgrade to Windows 11 later if I decline now? ›

    However, if you don't want to use Windows 11 right now, you can just click Decline upgrade on the interface. This does not affect your computer, nor does it affect your future free upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11 later.

    Can I go back to Windows 10? ›

    How to roll back from Windows 11 to Windows 10. Here's how to make the switch back to Windows 10: Start menu > Settings > Windows Update > Advanced options > Recovery > Previous version of Windows (you may see Go back instead). That's it!

    Is Windows 12 coming out? ›

    When will Windows 12 be released? According to reports, the next major version of Windows is going to launch at some point in 2024, roughly three years after Windows 11's debut. That's all we really have right now, and it might be awhile before we have any more information.

    How long do I have to upgrade to Windows 11 for free? ›

    The free upgrade offer does not have a specific end date for eligible systems. However, Microsoft reserves the right to eventually end support for the free offer.

    Does China still use Windows XP? ›

    The operating system is still hugely popular in China, with estimates last year suggesting that as many as 27 percent of all Windows machines in China are still running Windows XP.

    Does Windows 10 use more CPU than 7? ›

    There is a 6% increase in the CPU utilization when comparing Windows 10 to Windows 7, while the Login VSI VSImax results showed an impact of 16%.

    When was Windows XP dead? ›

    Mainstream support for Windows XP ended on April 14, 2009, and extended support ended on April 8, 2014. After that, the operating system ceased receiving further support.

    Can I go back to Windows 10 if I have 11? ›

    Although you can easily upgrade a Windows 10 PC to Windows 11, preserving installed apps, settings, and data files, you can't do the reverse. If you want to "downgrade" from Windows 11 to Windows 10, you have to do a clean install, which requires backing up and restoring your data files and reinstalling all your apps.

    Can you run Windows 10 without a license? ›

    Microsoft allows users to download, install and use the operating system indefinitely without having to enter a valid product key or digital license. Additionally, you can use an unactivated Windows 10 without any restrictions for one month after first installing it.

    What happens if you don't activate Windows 10 after 30 days? ›

    Well, they will continue to function and receive updates but you won't be able to customize the operating system. For instance, lock screen and background and wallpaper settings will be grayed out.

    Is Windows 11 ending? ›

    The Windows 11 End of Support Dates

    The latest version of Windows 11 is version 22H2, released in October 2022. For the enterprise and education edition, Microsoft communicated October 2025 as the end date.

    Will Windows 11 make my PC slower? ›

    2. Will Windows 11 Slow Down My PC? Windows 11 is faster than Windows 10. However, some users is experiencing slow performance issue due to low disk storage or outdated drivers.

    What are the disadvantages of Windows 11? ›

    With that said, below is our selection of the top complaints users have about Windows 11.
    • Windows 11's Hardware Requirements Are Too Stringent. ...
    • Changing Default Apps in Windows 11 Is Too Hard. ...
    • You Have to Sign in to a Microsoft Account to Use Windows 11. ...
    • Windows 11's Start Menu Is Less Usable Than Windows 10's.

    How do I permanently get Windows 10 for free? ›

    How to Permanently Activate Windows 10 with CMD
    1. After you enter into Windows 10 Command Prompt, you can copy and paste this command line: slmgr. ...
    2. Note: It's advised that you support and buy the original Windows 10 license key from Microsoft and use this way to permanently activate Windows 10.

    How do I activate my Windows 10 without product key? ›

    If you have a digital license for your device, you can reinstall the same edition of Windows 10 on this device without entering a product key. Make sure that Windows 10 is activated before you try to reinstall it. To find out, select the Start button, and then select Settings > Update & Security > Activation .

    Can Windows 10 be cracked? ›

    It is never safe to use a cracked software because you never know what was added or altered however, you can use a cracked windows10 software, once it is a properly done one that allows you to have full OS features where you can then use ti to update to a newer version of windows10.

    Is Windows 10 Pro or 11 home better? ›

    If you are an advanced user and need support for native virtualization, opt for Windows 11 Pro over the Home edition. Windows 11 Pro comes with Hyper-V, which is a native hypervisor built by Microsoft. Its performance is way better in comparison to software like VirtualBox and VMWare.

    Is Windows 10 Home or Pro is lighter? ›

    Both Windows 10 Home and Pro are faster and performative. They generally differ based on core features and not performance output. However, keep in mind, Windows 10 Home is slightly lighter than Pro because of lack of many system tools.

    Which is faster Win 8.1 or 10? ›

    Synthetic benchmarks like Future mark PCMark 7 AND Cinebench R15 show Windows 10 is faster than Windows 8.1 that is faster than Win7. In other tests like booting, Windows 8.1 is faster than Windows 10, about 2 seconds. Performance in specific apps like Photoshop or Chrome is a bit slower in Windows 10.

    Is 8GB RAM enough for Windows 10 pro? ›

    If you're serious about your PC, then I consider 8GB RAM your new default. If you're buying or building a machine dedicated to photo or HD video editing and rendering, or just want a fast system, then 8GB of RAM is the minimum you should consider to avoid frustration.

    Is PC faster with more RAM? ›

    Generally, the more RAM your computer has, the larger the digital countertop you have to work on and the faster your programs will run. If your computer is running slowly due to a lack of RAM, you might be tempted to increase virtual memory because it is less expensive.

    Is 16GB RAM enough for Windows 10? ›

    16GB RAM. This is one of the best memories to run a Windows 10 pc. 16GB RAM is pretty decent and should be more than enough for video editing, and when you need to run simultaneously several resource-heavy applications.

    Is 64gb enough for Windows 11? ›

    Hardware requirements

    Storage: 64 GB* or greater available storage is required to install Windows 11. Extra storage space might be required to download updates and enable specific features.

    Is 16GB enough for Windows 11? ›

    You'll need not just Windows 11's minimum 4GB RAM, but actually 8GB to run Android apps on Windows 11. And that's just the minimum. Microsoft's 'recommended' memory complement is 16GB, meaning even the Surface Laptop 4's entry-level 8GB of RAM configuration just scrapes through.

    How much RAM can 64-bit Windows 10 use? ›

    Physical Memory Limits: Windows 10
    VersionLimit on X86Limit on X64
    Windows 10 Education4 GB2 TB
    Windows 10 Pro for Workstations4 GB6 TB
    Windows 10 Pro4 GB2 TB
    Windows 10 Home4 GB128 GB
    1 more row
    27 Jun 2022

    Is 32 GB RAM overkill? ›

    No, 32GB RAM should not cause any problems with your computer or game performance. In fact, it should actually improve your gaming experience by providing you with more memory to work with.

    Do I need 64GB of RAM? ›

    For the majority of users, it is. If you plan on building a PC purely for gaming and some general, basic, everyday activity, 64 GB of RAM is just too much. The amount of RAM you need will ultimately depend on your workload.

    Does 16GB need RAM? ›

    Most users need about 8 GB of RAM, but to use several apps at once, you might need 16 GB or more. If you don't have enough RAM, your computer will run slowly and apps will lag. VRAM is located on your graphics card and stores temporary graphical data from apps and games.

    Why is PC slow after update? ›

    Windows 10 update slow issue can be fixed by extending C drive. Windows update often takes certain storage space on the system C drive. And if the system C drive is out of space after Windows 10 update, the computer running speed will slow down.

    Is Windows 11 worth it yet September 2022? ›

    Best answer: Yes, but you should proceed with caution as during the beginning, you may still come across bugs and unknown issues. UPDATED 11/12/2022: Windows 11 22H2 is a free upgrade for computers already running Windows 11 21H2 or Windows 10 that meet the minimum system requirements starting September 20, 2022.

    What is the difference between Windows 11 home and pro? ›

    Both editions provide the same performance and apps, including Xbox Game Bar and Game Mode. Windows 11 Pro does offer increased hardware capabilities – up to 2 CPUs (128 cores) and 2 TB RAM compared to 1 CPU (64 cores) and 128 GB RAM in the Home edition.

    Can I get Windows 10 for free now? ›

    If you are still on Windows 7 or 8, you can upgrade to Windows 10 for free. Whether you're going from 7 / 8 to 10 or 10 to 11, you can upgrade either by using an install disk (created with the media creation tool) or with Windows update.

    How can I download Windows 2022 for free? ›

    How to download, install and activate Windows Server 2022 Standard
    1. Download your Windows Server version from Microsoft's website:
    3. Choose "Windows Server 2022" and download the image file.

    Can you get Windows 10 for free Legally? ›

    Downloading a full version of Windows 10 for free from a third party source is absolutely illegal and we wouldn't recommend it.

    How long will Windows be free? ›

    The free upgrades will continue into 2022. If you're still running Windows 7 but want to upgrade to Windows 11, you'll first need to upgrade to Windows 10 to be eligible.

    How many GB does an operating system take? ›

    Starting with the bit size of the operating system, the disk space greatly varies. For instance, if you are using a 32-bit version of Windows 11/10, 16 GB of free storage is adequate to run Windows 11/10. On the contrary, for 64-bit versions, it can take as much as 20 GB of free storage.

    Should I upgrade to Windows 2022? ›

    Released on Sept. 20, the first big update to the operating system is now available for download on your laptop or desktop. You may be wondering, though, should you install the upgrade? With all the new security, productivity, accessibility and gaming features, the answer is likely yes.

    Is it worth updating Windows 11 2022? ›

    Dubbed the Windows 11 2022 Update (and referred to as version 22H2 on your PC), the free download has started rolling out to users in more than 190 countries, says Microsoft. It comes with several new features and improvements offered to those on laptops, desktops and tablets. Is it worth the upgrade? Absolutely.

    Is it worth installing Windows 11 2022? ›

    Windows 11 is worth the update for most people. It comes with a wide range of new features, performance improvements, and design changes. As the latest Windows OS, it usually gets more attention than Windows 10, too. There's not too much risk in upgrading to Windows 11, either.

    What happens if you don't buy Windows 10? ›

    If you don't activate Windows 10, some features will be disabled upon the expiry of the trial period. For instance, you won't be able to customize your PC or laptop, meaning features like themes, lock screen, colors, fonts, and taskbar will return to their default settings (if you customized them).

    Is Windows 7 free now? ›

    If you are looking to get Windows 7 and its Product key for FREE, then we are sorry to say, it is impossible to get it Legally.

    Can I still get a copy of Windows 7? ›

    OEM Windows software for new or refurbished PCs

    Under Microsoft's arcane licensing rules, you can legitimately purchase OEM copies of Windows 7 (any edition). However, the license agreement with those copies explicitly prohibits you from using that software on a PC you build or refurbish for your own personal use.

    How many days Windows 10 is free? ›

    You can download the 90 day Enterprise trial: I want to try Windows 10 out before upgrading or buying it: There will be a trial version of the final release available so you can wait for that if you wish.

    How do I get rid of Windows watermark? ›

    Click on Update & Security. Choose Activation from the menu on the left, then click on Change product key. Enter your product key and click Next. Wait for Windows 10 to activate and enjoy your operating system without any watermarks or limitations!

    Is Windows 11 free forever for Windows 10? ›

    Once you complete the upgrade, your Windows 10 license will be converted to a Windows 11 license. So yes, you will always have it and will not be asked for extra fees.


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